Anonymous asked:

How long have you been here in TX? I think it's really cool to have youtubers close to where I live :)

Born and raised! Come on, my overuse of the words “y’all” and “howdy” should have tipped y’all off that I’m a native of the great nation of Texas!

Anonymous asked:

How's it like working in one of the biggest channels of gaming?

It’s amazing! It feels great that my work is finally getting some recognition, even if most of my audience doesn’t seem to know that I have a personal channel.

Anonymous asked:

How is the voice acting thing going? Any updates on that?

I’ve had a few auditions. The most notable was when I auditioned for the role of Brief on the American fun of Panty and Stocking. However, I think that my fantasies of being a professional voice over artist are on hold at the moment.

silviathecat1 asked:

Do you really believe what a lot people are saying? As in Link might be a girl in the Zelda wiiu 2015?

Well Nintendo did confirm that Link is a guy in the upcoming game and it’s a damn shame! Hopefully all of the positive support in favor of a female “Lynk” as I like to call her means that we’ll see her soon!

Anonymous asked:

Can you give me a download link to the song that plays in the background of your lootcrate videos :3

It’s been removed since the song creator has been in a lot of Internet drama as of late. I don’t think it will ever be going live again. :(

dylanisnotcool asked:

Hey Drake! i've been a fan for a while now and have sporadically talked to you via. Youtube Comments/Twitter conversations, And have grown fond to your attitude and your mannerisms when it comes to your online activities. And as everyone knows you got a big breakthrough with your Youtube channel with your "Cross Over" Show being put on the Game Theorists channel, But I've always wanted to know. Do you ever plan to start anything on your own? like, big scale? I love your personality and want more

Well Smash History was definitely the new big project that I have created. I was originally going to have that be another hit show on my channel, but MatPat fell in love with it when he saw the pilot. As such, it’s my most popular show to date on the Theorists!

I am always experimenting on my personal channel. I want to do more Unpopular Gaming Opinions, but my Quick Reviews have also taken off. Honestly, I am not quite sure what’s coming next!

Anonymous asked:

Do you think Nintendo should start focusing on another franchise besides Mario and Zelda? If so, which ones?

I think that every game company needs to be diverse. God knows that Metroid, F-Zero, and StarFox need some love!

Being a content creator, I have had many amazing opportunities.  One of my greatest ones was getting to geek out on one of the people who inspired me to make videos in the first place, LittleKuriboh.

Martin is an AMAZING man and is one of the nicest people I have met.  He’s super humble, hilarious, and is one hundred percent open for his fans.  This man is one of my greatest inspirations!